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Yaqi Shaving Bowl With Handle Gray RRP$22.95


Unveiling the Yaqi Shaving Bowl with Handle - the ultimate companion for your daily shaving ritual. Made from durable Gray plastic, this bowl boasts a chic design that perfectly blends style and functionality.

With a top diameter of 127mm and a compact bottom diameter of 95mm, it offers ample space for creating a luxurious, frothy lather, while providing a comfortable grip. Standing at a height of 69mm, it's easy to handle without any mess. Its elegant white color not only complements any bathroom decor, but also allows you to clearly see your lather, achieving the perfect consistency every time.

The sturdy handle is seamlessly incorporated into the design, giving you optimal control and stability as you prep for your shave. Whether you're a novice or a pro, the Yaqi Shaving Bowl is an irreplaceable tool that elevates your shaving experience, making it smoother, quicker, and more pleasurable. Take your grooming to the next level with this practical



Type: Shaving Bowl

Material: Plastic

Color: Gray

Item Size: top diameter 127mm,

bottom diameter 95mm.

Height 69mm.