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Henson have been making parts for large aerospace projects for 20 years. When you’re making parts that end up in space, you’re making them with longevity in mind. They made critical components for the OneWeb constellation and parts for the Exo Mars rover. Needless to say those parts can’t come back to the shop for repairs, they have to work and they have to work for decades. Manufacturing parts designed to last a lifetime is part of our DNA.

Once the Henson Shaving team turned their attention to razors something magical happened. They set out to design a razor with precision geometrics and incredible blade support - that lasts for a lifetime.

The end result is the AL13 razor.


Making parts that last is in Henson Shaving'a DNA. But beyond the longevity, every Henson razor is built with precision at it's core. Why? Because when you can limit the movement of a blade, and present it to your skin at a consistent geometry, the result is a remarkably safe and smooth shave.

Crafted from aerospace aluminium and manufactured at their aerospace facility in Ontario, Canada. Every razor is built with the same AS9100 aerospace standards required to create satellite components.

Henson have started to branch outside of their core range the Al-13. Their new razor, the Ti22 is blowing up the shaving world - made of Grade 5 Titanium.

I can't stop raving about the finish at the end of the shave. Clean finish and super easy to use. Bye Bye Cartridge razors!
Levin B.
Very happy. Gives a real close shave with ease.
John M.
My expectations were surpassed. It’s the closest most enjoyable shave in my 30 years of shaving. I’m a fan!
Rodney J.


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