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Yaqi Moka Express Synthetic Shaving Brush RRP$39.95


RRP $39.95

Yaqi Moka Express Synthetic Shaving Brush is one of Yaqi legends.

Exceptionally good looking, palm grip type handle, soft bristles with good backbone and BIG. The 26mm 2Band Badger is a great exfoliator, holding lots of lather, good for head shaving also, it has a 55mm loft and an overall size of 113mm. The 24mm Mew Brown is shorter in loft at 52mm and has an overall size of 107mm.


  • The smokey swirls are different on every brush, they can vary in density. Each one is unique.

24mm Synthetic Mew Brown Knot
Handle Material: Resin
Brush Knot Diameter: 24mm (+/-1mm) (6 Sided)
Loft size: 52-53mm (+/-1mm)
Handle Height: 54mm (+/-1mm)
Widest Diameter of the Handle: 43mm (+/-1mm)


Looking after your "Natural Hair" Shaving Brush is simple. Here are the main points to keep in mind.

1. Do not soak your Shaving Brush in water that is too hot. Doing so will damage the hair and it's natural oiliness. As a general rule the water shouldn't be any hotter than a hot bath and remember it is also perfectly practical to soak in cold water also.

2. When bowl lathering do not use brute force, this will damage the hair tips over time.

3. Do not over soak your Shaving Brush for longer than 10 minutes.

4. After each use, the Shaving Brush needs to be naturally dried. Ideally in a well ventilated, low humidity setting. Do not use a hair dryer! Hanging the brush upside down is ideal.


Wooden Handle Brushes:

If your brush has a wooden handle some extra care should be taken.

  • Dry your brush handle with a towel after each use
  • Ideally, store your brush hanging with the knot down, until the knot has dried.
  • Never leave your brush in the shower if that is where you shave.
  • Never leave your brush soaking in water for an unnecessary amount of time.
  • Use a wood wax on the handle as needed