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Yaqi Black Metal Synthetic Shaving Brush RRP$44.95


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RRP $44.95

The Yaqi Black Metal Synthetic Shaving Brush is an ideal choice for those venturing into the world of wet shaving. Crafted with high-quality synthetic bristles, this brush is designed to create a rich and luxurious lather, enhancing the shaving experience. The synthetic hair is widely appreciated for its ability to hold and distribute lather evenly, providing a smooth and comfortable shave. The brush's sleek black metal handle not only adds a touch of elegance to your grooming kit but also ensures durability and a firm grip. Combining functionality with affordability, the Yaqi Black Metal Synthetic Shaving Brush offers an unbeatable value for both beginners and seasoned wet shavers. Its efficient lathering capability, stylish design, and long-lasting construction make it a top choice for achieving a close and enjoyable shave.


    Material: synthetic hair bristles + Aluminum Handle

    Brush knot diameter: 24MM (+/-1mm)

    Loft size: 55mm (+/-1mm)

    Handle height: 48mm (+/-1mm)

    Widest part of the handle diameter:30mm (+/-1mm)