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My-Blades® Platinum Double Edge Steel Razor Blades (100 Pack) RRP$39.95


Indulge in the gentle, sharp, and sustainable experience of our double-edged blades, compatible with all major classic safety razors. Each blade is premium quality, ice-hardened and platinum sealed on both sides. Crafted from a special alloy made of over 80% recycled stainless steel, these blades are produced in Europe without the use of fossil fuels. The platinum coating offers superior flexibility, adapting perfectly to the curves of the face for a flawless shave, even in tricky areas. These elegant blades come beautifully packaged with inspirational quotes, making them a perfect gift for a luxurious start to the day.

Key Features:

  • Extra Sharp
  • Extra Gentle
  • Platinum Coated
  • Ice Tempered
  • Sustainable*


*Base material comprises a minimum of 80% recycled content and is melted without fossil energy. Paper based packaging.