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Dovo Leather Balm and Strop Dressing 50ml (Box of 6) RRP$15.95


RRP $15.95

Dovo Leather Balm and Strop Dressing rejuvenate your leather strop. First, you apply the balm to the leather, and then rub it in with a cotton cloth and polish it smoothly. Now you strop the edge of your straight razor on the smooth surface to keep it sharply honed. The leather balm also prevents your strop from drying out and extends its service life.


Size: 50ml

How to use:
To apply the paste, first clean your hands thoroughly – Dovo suede type strops are quite able to trap dirt. Next, apply a bit of paste to a palm, much as you would apply some hand balm/salve. You should not use more than you would of lip balm, for example. Thereafter, pull the strop surface taut. Finally, try to “land the airplane” by barely buffing palm plane to leather plane. Perform in both directions of palm approaching leather. Do try (the operative word here) to put as little Dovo strop conditioner as possible as evenly as possible to the entire effective stropping surface.

Ingredients: Vaseline and lanolin

Maintaining your strop is very important if you want to enjoy it for a long time. You can use the balm or dressing with a cloth or an old t-shirt. Some people like to use their hands. It is a matter of preference. Hanging your strop is the best way to store. This lessen the possibility of contamination and cracks.

We recommend using a strop dressing or leather balm on razor strops to keep the leather conditioned. Using it on a new strop will enhance the longevity of the strop. It will also help the strop to produce the correct amount of drag over with your razor. Strop dressing aids in rejuvenating an older strop.

Dimensions: 5.3 cm x 5.3 cm x 3.5 cm

Article number: 35050102 (former: 515171)