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Hawkins & Brimble 1/2 Line Starter Pack RRP$1,563.00


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Step into a world of exceptional grooming with the Hawkins & Brimble 1/2 Line Starter Pack. Whether you're new to Hawkins & Brimble or a dedicated fan, this comprehensive set has everything you need for a flawless hair and grooming routine. Crafted with the modern man in mind, every product in this pack embodies the perfect balance between traditional barber rituals and contemporary designs.

1/2 Line Starter Pack - Enjoy a 5% Discount!

Pack Inclusions:

  • Hair Styling:

    • Matt Clay (Light-Medium Hold, 100ml) x 3: Sculpt your style with ease for a natural, textured finish.
    • Water Pomade (100ml) x 3: For a slick, high-gloss finish.
    • Clay Effect Hair Spray (150ml) x 3: For a flexible hold and a touchable, matte finish.

  • Beard Care:

    • Beard Balm Conditioner (50ml) x 3: Tame and nourish your beard, leaving it soft and manageable.
    • Beard Oil (50ml) x 3: Hydrate and condition for a smooth, lustrous beard.

  • Shaving:

    • Shaving Cream x 3: Achieve a close, comfortable shave every time.
    • After Shave Balm (125ml) x 3: Soothe and hydrate post-shave skin.

  • Skincare:

    • Facial Scrub (125ml) x 3: Exfoliate and refresh your skin.
    • Face Wash (150ml) x 3: Deep cleanse without over-drying.
    • Daily Energising Moisturiser (100ml) x 3: Keep your skin hydrated and radiant.
    • Energising Eye Cream (20ml) x 3: Revitalize and brighten the under-eye area.

  • Body Care:

    • Body Wash Eco-Refillable (300ml) x 3: Cleanse and refresh with this eco-friendly option.
    • Eco-Refillable Revitalising Shampoo (300ml) x 3: Energize and cleanse your hair.
    • Eco-Refillable Nourishing Conditioner (300ml) x 3: Soften and detangle for lustrous locks.

  • Fragrance:

    • Eau de Toilette (50ml) x 3: Signature scents to keep you smelling fresh throughout the day.

Whether it's daily grooming or special occasions, the Hawkins & Brimble Hair Starter Pack ensures you are always at your best. Experience the epitome of grooming elegance and sophistication with Hawkins & Brimble.