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Daimon Barber Full Line Starter Pack RRP$5,088


We have run out of stock for this item.

Dive deep into the sophisticated world of Daimon Barber with Daimon Barber all-encompassing FullLine Starter Pack. Handpicked to give you the complete Daimon Barber experience, this kit is your passport to the brand's premium grooming prowess.

Key Features:

  • Value-Packed: With every purchase, receive 1 free tester for each product, adding up to an impressive value of $407.90.

  • Styling Essentials: From Daimon Barber Classic Pomade to their innovative Yuzu Paste, you're equipped with everything needed to achieve an array of hair looks. Whether you're crafting a slicked-back style or a textured messy look, we've got you covered.

  • Grooming Greats: The kit boasts of Beard and Stubble Softeners, Shave Cream (on backorder), and Post Shave Balm, ensuring a smooth and comforting shaving experience.

  • Skincare Stars: Revitalize and nourish with Daimon Barber Exfoliating Cleanser, Revitalising Moisturiser, Eye Formula, and their Day & Night Face Serum. The perfect tools for a radiant complexion.

  • More Than Just Hair: Daimon Barber Texture Dust and Texture Tonic Spray provide that extra oomph to your hair, ensuring it stays put and looks great throughout the day.

Starter Pack Contains:

  • 6 of each of Daimon Barber signature products, ranging from styling pomades and clays to essential face care items.

Elevate your grooming game and introduce your clients or yourself to a brand synonymous with luxury, efficacy, and style. The Daimon Barber FullLine Starter Pack is not just a purchase; it's an investment in unparalleled grooming excellence.


Please Note: The Shave Cream is currently on backorder. We appreciate your understanding and assure prompt dispatch as soon as it's back in stock.


Full Line Starter Pack (Includes 1 free tester of each - $407.90 value)

6 x Daimon Barber Classic Pomade 100g
6 x Daimon Barber Fixing Pomade 100g
6 x Daimon Barber Forming Cream 100g
6 x Daimon Barber Original Pomade 100g
6 x Daimon Barber Remedy Wax 100g
6 x Daimon Barber Texture Clay 100g
6 x Daimon Barber Yuzu Paste 100g
6 x Daimon Barber Texture Dust 20g
6 x Daimon Barber Texture Tonic Spray 100ml
6 x Daimon Barber Beard and Stubble Softener 100ml
6 x Daimon Barber Shave Cream 100ml *** Backorder
6 x Daimon Barber Post Shave Balm 100ml
6 x Daimon Barber Face Wash 100ml
6 x Daimon Barber Exfoliating Cleanser 100ml
6 x Daimon Barber Revitalising Moisturiser 50ml
6 x Daimon Barber Revitalising Eye Formula 15ml
6 x Daimon Barber Day & Night Face Serum 30ml