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Dovo Solingen are the master craftsmen of straight razors, safety razors, shaving creams & aftershaves plus incredibly luxurious hair and grooming tools. The core of their brand is their straight razor (aka cut throat razors) collection. Once you glance your eyes on the masterful designs you will never look back. Any shaver who lives a life of luxury and style requires a Dovo Solingen razor in their bathroom.

Most of Dovo's products are made entirely in Germany. Their straight razors, scissors, and nippers for example are manufactured like they were 100 years ago in Solingen. Dovo combines traditional know-how inherited from generations with modern production techniques and structural change. The manual share in complex manufacturing processes is well over 50%, while robots sometimes do more straightforward tasks.


Dovo Solingen is a brand with a rich and unique history. Foundedn in Solingen, Germany - a place considered the centre of the German cutlery industry for centuries. In 1916, Carl Dorp founded his razor factory in Wald at Solingen. As a sign of his company, he had registered a knight with a hammer and a sword. The hammer signifies a razor smith, and the sword a sign of his fabrication and perfection of his products. Today, the company brings this incredible wealth of knowledge and craftsmanship into the modern era. As Dovo continues to expand their product range - quality and tradition is a strong thread through every collection.

I really enjoy using my Dovo shavette! It took a little getting use too but once you do it is a pleasure to use.
Rick B.
Excellent quality and feel. I love the pointed end for that razor edge cheek line. Cut perfect right out of the box.
William A.
This is my 6th straight razor, the Dovo Bismarck is an excellent razor, the size and weight of the blade make it very easy to use. I get my closest shave with this blade.
Jim H.


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